Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Cause for Celebration

According to the American Pie Council (who knew?) today – January 23 – is National Pie Day. Those official pie folks list a number of suggestions to perform “Random Acts of Pie-ness.” (No eye-rolls, please) My favorite:

“Pay it forward. Hand out pie slices to strangers and encourage them to do the same for others. It could spread the peace on earth and goodwill to mankind that we all hope for.”

Ah, the Power of Pie. I don’t know about you, dear Readers, but in these parts, those of us standing on street corners while handing out pie slices are considered candidates for the local booby hatch.

So I suggest you keep your celebration simple. Not even your Queen can find the time to make a pie today, but in the interests of Commemoration, she’ll do her best to seek out something worthy of the holiday (and the calories). In fact, there’s a little café in town that serves a fine slice of oatmeal pie. Heck, with a tall glass of milk, it’s practically a lesson in healthy eating. . .



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